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E-Parenting: Modern Parenting in a Digital World

Parenting MediaWise Kids

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed in the ever-changing, ever-growing worlds of technology and media? Most parents today work hard to find a proper balance between keeping up, and staying ahead of the kids. With gadgets like cell phones that can access the Internet, and video game consoles as powerful as yesterday's home computers, and with all of this increased exposure to media, how can you make sure that your child is only being exposed to appropriate content?

The Effects of Media and Advertising

According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Media and Family, children spend more time sitting in front of electronic screens than doing any other activity besides sleeping.1 Kids’ excessive screen time comes with all kinds of hazards: lack of physical activity, exposure to adult themes and content, and lack of interaction with family and peers. And then there are the ads—for almost every product imaginable, including alcohol and medications intended for adult use only. Ads also send strong messages about personal appearance and other topics to which children and teens are especially attuned. Fortunately, you can do many things as a parent to help your children and teens navigate the world of marketing. Learn more >

Understanding the Basics

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1. Gentile, Douglas; Walsh, David, A normative study of family media habits (Minneapolis: National Institute on Media and the Family, 2002).