Promoting Equality and Social Justice

Equality and social justice include racial and ethnic equality, reducing hunger and poverty, promoting political liberty, and freedom of thought. Girls and younger teenagers are more likely to highly value equality and social justice, but all kids can learn the importance of this positive value.

  • Become aware of which groups of people you’re uncomfortable with and why. Prejudices tend to sprout when we don’t know people from certain groups. Attempt to create more diversity in your lives by attending multicultural events or visiting a playground in a different part of town.
  • As a family, learn about organizations that help the poor, the disadvantaged, and people who are discriminated against. Choose one organization to help financially, if you can. There are many ways you can help that won’t cost you anything.
  • Find out which causes your kids care about. For example, one of your kids might be an advocate for endangered species. Another might strongly believe in affordable health care. Support these causes as a family. Learn more about them. Attend local events related to those causes.

There are many causes that both kids and parents feel strongly about, all of which need support. By raising kids who value equality and social justice, you are investing in a better future for everyone.



*Become aware of how and why you can make others uncomfortable. Be true to yourself, and afford others the same respect that you desire. Prejudices are learned by interaction with those who focus on that. What you focus on, you get more of. Focus on “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. Positive parenting and linking events to positive and negative consequences teach children that we are responsible for our personal actions.

*As a family, learn about the poor, the disadvantaged, and that people treat you differently when you are dependent on others. You must teach children that they could be among those who need help, or those who give help to the needy. Teach them to help others fish, not simply give the fish on a regular basis. We can not thrive, if we simply survive on social services.

*Get real, kids do not just feel strongly about promoting equality and social justice. They are indoctrinated into those ideas by adults around them.
Equality is not something that will ever be attained it is provided by others, It is a way of survival for those who were taught social justice is a right and not that we self determine our outcome through individuality. Providing opportunity, and instilling desire to be your best, is what will help your child thrive.
Social justice is a crutch for those who did not have age appropriate options, choices, and consequences.
Working hard and a desire to succeed, is a healthier attitude than to buy into the mentality, no matter what we do, we are equally dependent on others.
I didn’t realize until now, the progressive ideology of this publication.

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