Cell Phones: How young is too young?

Is your child ready to handle the responsibility?

6 Things I’ve Read Recently:

1. Sixty-one percent of parents say that kids should be between the ages of 13 and 18 when they get their first cell phone.1
2. One out of three parents with children under the age of 9 think their kids should get their first cell phone before age 12.2
3. One out of three U.S. teenagers plans to buy an iPhone in the next six months.3
4. The most common technological gadget for a kid to lose (or have stolen) is a cell phone.4 Of parents who buy their child a cell phone, one out of four says the kid’s cell phone has had to been replaced at least once.5
5. Parents are more apt to get their child a computer before buying them a cell phone.6 Seventy-three percent of parents with children under the age of 9 say their should get a computer before age 12.7
6. A Harvard University professor says that kids are more likely to succeed when they don’t keep a phone in their room.8

Here’s My Take on It…

When our first child wanted a cell phone (at age 12), my husband and I said not until age 15, when our teenager was entering high school. Why? Because we had heard stories from other parents about how kids stole each other’s cell phones at sleepovers, used up all the monthly text messages (or phone calls) in one night, or held cell phones hostage until the child agreed to do something (that he or she may not have wanted to do). A cell phone is a big responsibility that a child needs to be ready to handle.

When my kids were 12, we bought a prepaid cell phone that we let them borrow when they were going out with friends—as an easy way to call home. That prepaid phone turned out to be a good way for our kids to practice using a cell phone (including how to keep track of it), and it also made it easier to monitor how our kids were using it. Still, I’ve heard from single parents how a cell phone is essential for younger children, but they’ve set firm rules for these younger kids to follow in using the cell phone. I don’t think there’s a “perfect” age for a child to get a first cell phone, but I do think a cell phone is a privilege and a big responsibility—not a right that a child should feel entitled to.

Talk Further

Ask your child: “Why is a cell phone important to kids?”

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I think kids under 11 should have phones because anything could happen and they will need to call or even text if they need anything . It is so easier to have a cell phone then a regular house phone or tablet or whatever you have beacause they help you with knowing more and they can keep you safe .i have a phone now and it helps a lot . So kids should have phones .

lots of people said that they want a phone because everyone else has one, just think what will you be using the phone for anyways? Keeping contact with your parents 24hours, playing games and texting your friends “hi” all the time? If you really feel you need a phone for safety reasons then just get a used one that you have access only to calling. People around the world are living without a cell phone right? So you can live without it too. You might be thinking I am just some weird school kid but every time you don’t by a cell phone you help the environment, for example pandas they are lacking on food because the food that they eat is actually what we use inside our phone to make our phone work. Would you rather be showing off that you have the latest phone? Because eventually those “cool kids” will find something else to brag about and make other people feel that they should have it. So just shrug them off and feel good about yourself that you are doing a good deed for the enviroment.

I am 29 and still use a prepaid cell phone; I choose not to be constantly connected to my cell phone. I also don’t want the additional financial responsibility of a cell phone contract with a data plan. I purchase prepaid cards every 60days for $45, and I’ve yet to run out of minutes. I teach 4th grade and the majority of my students have smartphones. 9 and 10yr olds do not need cell phones, especially at school. If parents wish for their children to have a cell phone to stay in contact with them when they are out and about playing in the neighborhood (which never happens because children today don’t play outside anymore), then they should be purchasing prepaid phones to teach their children about the responsibility of having a cell phone. So much bullying occurs via these smartphones, and the parents are completely out of the loop.

My daughter is 8 and she has a cell phone and my son is 4 and he has his own too

I am 10 and i’ve got a galaxy s5

i Am 13 and i dont have.a.phone yet! everybody in my class has one and im the only weirdo who doesnt. Seems like my parents dont care about my social life OR my protection! i am going crazy now!!!!!! i wish they could give me a phone it doesnt matter if it old.or new. And i think kids should get phones at 13~14.

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My oldest son is 8 and i just gpt him a phone yesterday since he goes between 2 households and should be able to communicate with his parents whenever he wants.

Wow. Whoever said once a kid is 20, they should get a pre-paid phone is beyond wrong. First off, 20, is NOT A CHILD. They are a legal adult of two years and their parents do not need to decide what phone they get. I believe 12 is more than old enough to have a smart phone. I think a pre paid phone should be given at 9, and a smartphone at 11. But in what world is 18-20 considered a “child”, who’s parents decide their cellular devices? I’m a mom of FIVE. My seven year old has a pre-paid phone, my 10 year old, 12 year old, 16 year old all have smart phones, and my 19 year old pays for his own; so he can get whatever he wants, not my money


I am 15 and don’t have a cell phone. This is troubling to me because I go to a really nice school, so all of the families can afford good cell phones. My parents don’t want to get me a cell phone because they are afraid that they would have to get my brother one, (who is 13) and they don’t trust him enough. I don’t know more than two other people in my school (including my brother) who don’t have a cell phone. I know that there must be other kids who don’t have a cell phone but I haven’t seen them. I have a perfect 4.0, and always follow all of the rules. I am not a kid who steps out of line, and my family can afford a phone. Is this normal?


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I think children should have cell phone. I think parents should give them to children as early as 3 rd grade. I am a single mom and I think it is a good way to communicate with your children. Especially safety issues. I believe children shouldn’t have cell phones to communicate with others different than family until high school. . Home phones are for that.

I’m in grade 6 and I still don’t have one everyone in my class has one except for ME and every one makes fun of me I really don’t care BUT I REALLY WANT ONE’!!!!!!!!LOL


I totally agree with what you are saying

i m 20 n still dont have a phone .. the reason is that i myself think that the phone is a huge distraction from studies and other important task of life .. i feel every child below 19 should be just allowed to use the common computer or laptop.. once the child is 20 he\she should be given a pre paid phone .. but its still not time to use a smartphone .. smartphones are just a mark of status.. which someone should enjoy when they themselves earn and buy smartphone
thank you ,


I’m 19 and in college and still don’t have a smartphone. But my mom got me a prepaid cellphone just to call her in case of emergencies.

i feel that phones are essential for children over the age of ten. They can better connect to friends and family and most importantly contact parents during an emergency. these are important they may have some perks for children but they also give a parent a piece of mind especially for children walking home and children that are especially vulnerable to others

i am a 15 year old and i got my first phone the summer before 7th grade. i think getting a cell phone in 6th grade is the best idea, because in middle school a kid might feel left out, hard to contact, or just the odd one out. i think it was detrimental to me in 6th grade not having a phone, because i was socially cut off without any way of talking to my friends. and everyone was so judgy im middle school. im currently trying to convince my parents into letting me buy myself an iphone 5s because my original slide phone is old and doesnt work very well. wish me luck


I think no.

I’m 10 and I’m not even allowed to have my own phone.in my bus I see 3rd graders walking around with phones.like seriously all I have is a tablet and they have IPHONES!!!!!!!!there is this girl Inot my bus and she has a iPhone 4s and a Samsung Galaxy S3.


When I would give my child a cell phone is at the age 7 to 9 the only reason why my son got a phone is because he cracked his iPod by accident so he then got his dads old phone and his dad said that if he got good grades he could get service on it he worked so hard to get service on his phone he got straight A’s so i think you should make children earn a phone with service but some children don’t earn cell phones cause my sons friend got a phone for Christmas that already had service on it.


this website is really good but i think that kids should not get their phone until they are mature enought because you can be 9 yaers old and be mature enought to have a cell phone and if you kid is never mature enough to you then you wait til they have a job and they can buy it them selv but that is my opion so do what you think is right


kids should have phones to contact their babysitters, their parents , 9-1-1

your child should have a phone because they can call their parents quickly and can not annoy their parents if the parents download a app.

I think that kids should be able to to have cell phones because you can be able to contact kids


kids can have a phone anytimme :)))))

I am 12 and I got a smartphone a few months ago. I go on the bus, so I need to keep contact with my parents.

Phones is between 13/18


good for 10 year olds


you are dead right you know, but it depends on your kids ability to be responsible and carefull


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I agree with 13-18 I am 13 I want a phone but I don’t feel I need one, it bothers me that kids are getting them so young. I feel like there should just be a set phone age like there is a set drinking age. It is not fair to kids and it leaves kids so upset when there best friend gets an iphone for Christmas and you don’t. I do not believe anybody needs a phone under the age of 13. When kids get a new phone it is usually because there parent just upgraded and they get passed down the old one. Parents should ask themselves a few questions before giving the kid a phone. Do I have a real reason for giving them a phone or am I just trying to get rid of this? How is this going to make other kids they know feel? What are they capable of doing? How many other kids this age have a smartphone? How could their decisions affect their life later? And of course a big one is, do I still want to interact with my kid? Usually when they get a new phone they never look again. Hopefully this will re-direct your thinking. I may be young but I have a lot of knowledge.


I dont have a phone yet, and it is important that your parents know that it is the right time for you to get a phone. They know what they are talking about.

I’m in 9th grade and I still don’t have a phone. I offered to pay for my own phone, but my parents said I have to wait until senior year (grade 12). I think 12 or 13 is a good age for a phone


I’m in 8th grade and I had my first phone at 12. It’s was good cause I was going to New Orleans for a weeks and my parents want to know I’m safe. I think when your child enters middle school or 6th grade they should get their first phone. At first you might not feel right but after a while you will realize you made the right choice when your child has a cell phone for you to contact you if anything happenes at school or at a friends house. Because around that age,things happen and when your not a round your child may need to contact you. You should rather your child with a 100% more protection with a cell phone than without. Right?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Every child is different and every family is different. Do what feels right for you…after reading all the responses that was my conclusion. If you do say no to your child and they act like a brat, then explain why they’re not getting one and acting like a brat only shows their lack of maturity and it’s only reinforcing your decision…

I believe that your child is only ready for a phone after they have proven to you that they are responsible enough to handle something with that much power. Your child will also want what will be the coolest thing so it will be that will be expensive if they are going to ruin it right away there is no point in getting the next iPhone. I also agree that your kids should have a reason to have a phone. I understand if your child is active in sports or extracurricular activities or take public transportation home if they have a phone they can contact you when to pick you up, and where they are on their way home. I do not understand giving a phone to a child who just wants a phone to play games on it.

I'm a 8 year old I think 8 and higher should have atleast a starter phone.I have a dog and my mom knows I'm responsible enough to have a phone.But the problem is I go to after school care my mom thinks that I can only have a phone when i am staying at home by myself. But sometimes I go on field trips at my school if i was in trouble i would have no contact with her. Or my after school says that i have been there to long and they need a way to contect her. So I'm reading these tips online i hope they work.So parent tip people pkease help me.

I think they the children should have a cellphone when they can go out with friends or take a walk by them selves.

i think kids kids should have phones over 8

Can anyone also convince my parents to buy me one.


I’m seventh grader, recently turned 12, and my parents still haven’t gotten me a phone. They say soon, but soon never comes. Almost everybody has one in my grade, and there are like 300 kids in 7th grade. I really think that kids might not need them in 6th grade, but 7th grade. One very good reason is all the programs. FBLA, has an overnight trip at Orlando(that I live really close to). Parents are not allowed on the trip but even though, signed up. MUN, has a trip to the United Nations building in New York. I’m pretty sure you would need a phone to contact your teacher in case you get lost in that EGNORMOUS building. Also, even bigger, in my Spanish class, there is a trip to Europe, which is pretty intense. That’s why people should buy their kids phones when they go into 7th grade.

I personally think that kids should not have real cell phones at that age ( not that there are and aren’t real cell phones, they’re all very much real), but should instead have a prepaid or used phone at that age. I only believe this because almost every 10-12 year old I have met aren’t very responsible and don’t seem like they are ready to take care of one. As a teen, I can relate to this article because I didn’t get a cell phone until grade eight, but parents should also be aware of whether or not their child/tween is ready for the responsibility.

Growing up no-one in my elementary school had a cell phone. However, all of the fifth and sixth graders did use MSN Messenger, and played this chat-room type of virtual game called Habbo Hotel This was before Facebook or Twitter. At the time my ten-year-old self was exposed to TONS of creepy pedophiles, who would try to make advances with me over the internet. At ten I of course did not know any better. This was before the internet even blew up. As a 21 year old now, I am completely terrified for my future children. It is simply irresponsible to give elementary school children cell phones and unsupervised internet access. The parents in this discussion have not grown up with the internet in the same way that my generation has. The intentions of all who comment are good. Giving cell phones and ipads to young kids is unfortunately much scarier than you all may perceive it to be. Not to mention that these little kids are now bullying one another and sending sexual pictures via text. Keep them innocent as long as possible.

yes i like what thay were saying steven cochran



I honestly think that kids should have there own cell phone at 9 to 10

I got my first cell phone at age 19 for college. Kids don’t need cell phones if my parents wanted to checkup on us they would call the school. Come on people. I paid for mine too.

I believe kids are too young to have their own cell phones. I follow the old fashioned rules when it comes to raising kids and letting them use cell phones before turning 15 can affect not just their physical aspect as well as their emotional being. - Ms. Sanders | Sell my cell phone

Cell phones are very important to keep in touch with your children. You want to give your children privacy and let them learn life experiences on their own, but you as a parent have the responsibility to protect your children. There are programs available, like the one I use, Mousemail that will forward threatening messages to the parent. That way you are able to give your child independence, but also keep a tab on what your child is getting in to.